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The series follows five people, known as "Alphas", led by noted neurologist and psychologist Dr. Lee Rosen as they investigate criminal cases involving other suspected Alphas. Rosen and his team of Alphas operate under the auspices of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, the criminal investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Defense. While investigating these crimes it doesn't take the team too long to discover that a group known as "Red Flag", who were thought defeated and eliminated long ago, are using other Alphas to commit crimes. With the inclusion of Dr. Calder in the episode "Never Let Me Go" it was established that Alphas takes place in a shared universe with Eureka and Warehouse 13.

Series Writing credits: Michael Karnow & Zak Penn

Main Cast:
David Strathairn ... Dr. Lee Rosen
Ryan Cartwright ... Gary Bell
Warren Christie ... Cameron Hicks
Azita Ghanizada ... Rachel Pirzad
Laura Mennell ... Nina Theroux
Malik Yoba ... Bill Harken

Reoccurring Characters:
Mahershala Ali ... Nathan Clay
Valerie Cruz ... Kathy Sullivan
Kathleen Gati ... Zahra Pirzad
Jane Moffat ... Sandra Bell
Rachael Crawford ... Jeannie Harken

Thanks to mw2merc for this description.

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